Investing in us

Chester Community Energy Ltd. aims to raise funds to install renewable energy systems in and around Chester by offering shares in our cooperative to members of the public. In return, we give interest on your investment generated by the income we generate from owning and operating renewable energy systems. This depends on three factors: the price we can sell our electricity for, the subsidy (feed-in-tariff) that we receive from the Government for producing the electricity and the subsidy we receive for exporting electricity to the national grid.

Our first share offer is now closed (closed on 25/08/2016). Many thanks to all who applied to become our members. With their help, we have successfully raised £62k in community shares which funded our first 50k solar PV system at Chester’ Northgate Arena leisure centre. This project is now installed and up and running. We are very excited about this project, which will generate community owned renewable energy in Chester, create a community fund for further investment in new projects and return interest to our members on their shares. We will be updating our website regularly with project information (including a speeded up video of the installation).

Please see our documents below for more information about the project.

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