LED Retrofit at The Neuro Therapy Centre

The latest LED installation to be completed on CCEL’s Power to Change innovation programme is a complete retrofit of LED luminaires at the Neuro Therapy Centre in Saltney. The centre is a charity that offers support for people with long-term neurological conditions and their carers. They are based in a commercial unit on the Brymau One Estate in Saltney. Their lighting consisted mostly of fluorescent tubing in recessed ceiling panel luminaires and badly needed upgrading to improve the lighting and save on electricity bills. The centre had recently benefited from a grant from CCEL of £2000 through our 2021 community benefit fund awards.

All the old lighting was replaced with LED lighting by Barlows of Malpas in a 2-day installation programme with a total of 81 luminaires being replaced. The new lights will save between 50% and 60% of the old electricity consumption for the lighting and save in the region of £900 per year in electricity bills. The lights have a high specification, with a 5-year warranty, 50,000 hours (average) life, low glare, TPa fire rated and an efficacy of 100 lumens per watt.  The new lights will pay for themselves in 4 to 5 years.

The Centre’s Operations Manager, Michele Russel, was very pleased with the new lighting and the service provided by CCEL and Barlows. Asked if she would recommend CCEL to a friend to install their lighting she said “Definitely, CCEL offered clear professional advice along the way and answered any queries we had promptly. We’re delighted with our new lighting – it’s made a real difference. As a charity being cost-efficient is really important, and we’re also pleased this helps us to be more energy efficient too.”